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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Newest home photos

Living room: This room is pretty complete... I may put some more candles on the mantle and we may get some type of furniture for next to the front door but Im pretty happy with it.

Levi's Space Room: We decorated his room based on his favorite book "Joey and Jett Go To Space".
Steve cut out all the rockets out of plywood and painted them. He also made Levi's bed frame.
Almost complete: We may hang some planets above the chair and put some shelves and possibly some pictures up.

Master bedroom:
This is our room and where the new baby will be staying :) I co sleep with my babies anyways so I doubt the cradle with be used all that much but it will be nice to have somewhere safe and Levi-free that the baby can be in :) (Plus how adorable is it, I couldnt resist).
Cradle: I bought on craigslist and painted
Our bed: Steve made the "floating" frame. Bedding is from West Elm
Side table: I refinished and painted
Frames: I bought black and creme frames from Urban Outfitters and re painted (to match the flying birds I painted on the opposite wall)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our home

So we moved in early July and we were able to paint (we are still renting) and we were so excited. Here are some photos as we work on our home!

So this is our home as of October 15th: :)

Living/dining room:

This is obviously before we put up photos and shelves (and the house is a mess) but the shelves are on the wall to the right of the fireplace :)

Master bedroom (also where the cradle and changing table is for Little Bean-coming Feb2012)