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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Purple Power

There is only one word to describe the last 5 days:

So, it all began with the new Gemini Beco.... I came home on Thursday from my tattoo consultation and there was a package at my door. It was the Gemini Beco and it was lovely. But more than comfort and style, it was purple. And really, the purple is what won me over.

Then on Saturday my new Ellevill Tri Purple Wrap arrived. Let me just say, if you have never tried an Ellevill wrap, you are seriously missing out. This is the 4th one I have owned and I absolutely love their wraps. But again, it wasn't the soft, silky feeling or the comfort of wearing Levi around all day downtown which made me fall in love, it was the purple.

And then Monday came. Most people hate Mondays but I couldnt wait because my wonderful, amazing, loving, sweet, caring (did I mention amazing?) husband had told me my big anniversary gift would be arriving. And it did.... a MAC BOOK PRO. And I know your thinking, "well what does that have to do with purple?" well, he also bought me a purple case.

Beautiful, right?
Ah, I love my life.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gemini Vs. Beco Butterfly II

So, as you know I recently received the Gemini and I am very much enjoying the delicious purpley carrier! However, it is TOTALLY different from my other Becos. A lot of people are asking me to compare them but I'm finding it kind of hard. They are just.... different. But I am going to try and show some differences with details so you can choose for yourself.

There are definitely pros and cons about both carriers and I think the Butterfly II will probably always be my first love deep down because its the first Beco I ever had. But for other moms who prefer the 4th Gen, the Gemini might be just what you need.

Today I will be comparing Blue Scooters and White Leaves from PaxBaby with the new Natalie Gemini (which you can preorder).

Width: G. 12.5in (base) 11in (middle) 10in (narrowest points)
BBII. 12.5in
Height: G. 14in (without headrest up) 18.5in (with headrest up)
BBII. 16in (without hood attached)

Padded straps
Length: G. 23in
BBII. 22in (from the Y seam) 14in (from buckle)
Width: Both carriers are 3in.
This shows the inside of the BBII which helps keep the baby secure when switching to a back carry or transferring to another person. Gemini doesn't have this feature.
Base Strap
Width: Both carriers are 4 in.

Length: G. 30 in.
BBII. 23in.

This picture is showing the most controversial part of the Gemini, the option to make the base more narrow and forward face.

Cross Straps:
I absolutely LOVE this feature
Hip Carry

Wearing my niece with the hood
Wearing the head rest up

My dear friend modeling the hood on White Leaves

So, this is basically my summary: Gemini and BBII are different. If you have the BBII and want the Gemini, try not to compare them too much because they are definitely different carriers. If you feel a little uncomfortable with back carries or your little one likes to move around a lot and you feel better with that insert, they definitely go with the Butterfly II. If you want to cross the straps and want a little more versatility than Gemini might be the way to go. And if your not sure, don't forget you can always try them out at the sling exchange!

I know that the Gemini is the hottest thing right now and a lot of people are trying to get pictures but these pictures do belong to me and this blog, so no authorization is granted to anyone to copy/use these photos for any reason. Photos are fingerprinted and re-posting is infringement on copyright and stealing. So please, don't do it

Friday, July 16, 2010

Who has the Beco Gemini???

Well as most of you Beco fans know, the Gemini is being released very soon. And its pretty exciting. Beco has kept it a pretty big secret which has made it a little difficult for those of us who are waiting for the release date. Well... I have good news for you...

Ok no, they havent released it yet... Im sorry!
However, you can preorder it over at PaxBaby. But that isnt the good news....

The good news is probably a little better for me than you but hey, at least you get a sneak peak and can drool a little...

My Natalie Gemini ARRIVED!!!

Yes, I am basically the only one who has one, and yes I feel pretty darn special! I entered the video contest and I actually WON with my video 12 Things.

So here is a little sneak peak of some pictures ;)