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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Im baaaaaaack

Okay so Im back. Its been far far far too long. I got way caught up in photography for a while and had 5 weddings over the summer. It was way too much and I got burnt out.
I quit.
Well.... Im taking a break. I have many reasons for this and feel its best for me and my family now.
With that being said. I have some pretty excited news. A LOT has happened since June. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT.

June was absolutely crazy.
First, Steve went out on his own with his drywall business so that was very stressful and put us in some debt but we knew it was a sacrifice that would be worth it in the end.
Then, June 10th I found out some very very very exciting news:

If you know us well, youd know we've always wanted a large family and to have all our kids close together. I remember after Levi was born I said "Itd be ideal to wait until he's 6 months but I definitely want to get pregnant before he's 9 months".
God must have had different plans.
So 26 months after having Levi, I found out I was pregnant with our Little Bean [due 2.21.12] and we are beyond excited.

So, not even a week later, the guy upstairs flooded his condo (at 11pm at night) and destroyed most of our ceiling in the kitchen, living room and bathroom. We were moved out within 3 days and were homeless for a short time before finding our new awesome condo. Its a working progress but Ill add more photos of that later.

So anyways, those three things happened in June and it was a lot. We have questioned Gods timing and wondered why but we know He has a great plan and we cant wait to meet our new baby.

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