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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Levi's First Birthday Party

We decided to have a Where The Wild Things Are birthday party for Levi! We both loved the book as kids and thought Levi would make a pretty cute "Max".

However, this became an adventure trying to find cool party stuff. We couldn't find ANYTHING. So finally, we gave up searching and decided to make everything ourselves! The party ended up being better than we could have imagined. Everything looked great and it was a lot of fun!

Enjoy the pictures!

Levi eating a delicious Banana Applesauce Cake (recipe coming soon)
Hanging out in the boat Dad made

Me and My Max

I ended up buying a sweat suit from American Apparel and then sewed ears and the tail on


We made canvas pictures and crowns for all our guests
Steve made the boat onto an older wooden wagon we had
I sewed the backdrop- the whole thing looked great

We turned our weird fireplace into a super cool tree

This shows his little tail! It looked perfect as we wobbled all over the place

Some more pictures we made

Wild Thing Mobile- above the cupcake tower

Cupcake tower
It was definitely a wild rumpus!!!

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