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Monday, April 12, 2010

Okay, semi-vegan

So I have been thinking about... and trying the vegan thing. And I'm just not sure I'm totally ready for it. I have been hearing about soy not being as healthy as people think so before I commit to being vegan, I want to do a lot more research.
Plus, I THINK Levi may have an allergy to tofu so that would make things a little difficult. Plus I don't really like all the fake food substitutes... I would rather eat more of the healthy even if that means some dairy based stuff.
So here is the plan: I have cut out dairy milk and have started drinking and using almond milk instead (I like it better than cows milk anyways). I have cut back on cheese, eggs, butter, sour cream etc... but IF I do eat them or use them I buy the organic. And this summer I'm going to check out local farmers market for some stuff (we live in Alaska so they don't go on during the winter). So we are now called.... semi-vegan.
I have to admit, I absolutely hate eating eggs and dairy in general now. When I eat them all I think about is how disgusting it is.... So that's why I just try not to eat it, however I don't freak if a recipe calls for something or we go out to eat and it is cooked in the food. Know what I mean?
So that's all for now, I'm sure Ill do more research and talk about it later.


  1. Skip the meat substitutes altogether (tofu, tempeh, TVP) and go with beans and whole grains like quinoa and brown rice. Way yummy-ier and not processed. Easy to cook as well, and easy to flavor in any style, ie add curry for Indian and ginger and soy sauce for Asian, etc...

  2. Great! Thanks for the tips. I have cooked with Tempeh once and really liked it. But other than that I havent done much. I did make some vegan sausage stuff in a pasta once and we loved it but Levi would spit up every time we ate it... really weird.
    I have made quinoa once but dont know any good recipes. Ill have to look some up :)