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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October is...

October is International Babywearing Month
and because of the recent fire Babywearing has been under, what a perfect time to speak up about of how wonderful, safe and helpful babywearing can be.

Courtney over at Storing Up Treasures wrote about it (and she is so super cool),
so I thought I would too.

SO here we go.

The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has been up to something and its not good. Smaller babywearing companies are shutting down because of all the negative publicity (sadly it has been good companies and not ones like Bjorn *cough cough*) and this breaks my heart.

I know there have been deaths and my hearts go out to those families. It is tragic and I cant imagine what they are feeling. With that being said, babywearing wasn't the cause. There were recalls on some of the unsafe carriers which is great because it got one more dangerous sling off the shelfs. However, that doesnt mean ALL carriers are unsafe.

There is obviously a safe and unsafe way to wear your baby. Just as there is a safe and unsafe way to carry your baby, or use a stroller.
This is not a matter of "is babywearing safe?' This is a matter of "do people not have common sense?"

So please, do not let the CPSC scare you.
Put that baby of yours in a sling (or wrap or SSC),
hold them close and enjoy the babywearing cuddles.
(Oh, and please use common sense.)

What can you do?
  • Go to the BCIA and share your story or get involved by donating or helping with this issue from a political standpoint.
  • Tell everyone you know that it is safe
  • Wear your baby proudly
  • Do research and be prepared when people ask you questions or accuse you of doing some unsafe
  • Enjoy wearing your baby close because it IS safe and it IS beneficial to them
  • Make a picture like the ones I did and share them

Lets bring awareness to babywearing and show them what its all about!


  1. YAY for babywearing!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love your post :)

  2. pretty blog.
    I am curious as to what will happen with this matter, and I wonder how it will affect me since Mexico usually follows suit to everything the US does. we're far more leniant in safety standards though, as can be proven by the quality of the baby carriers that are made here. :ew:
    your picture is up now in my blog, and so is your link. :) thanks again.