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Friday, May 14, 2010

Beco Addict

Today started like any other day....

Okay, not really but it sounded good. After only 4 hours of sleep I woke up at 6am and laid in bed restless. Steve had already gone to work and Levi was snoring next to me. No matter what I tried, I could not fall asleep (So maybe I didn't really try to hard... maybe my iPhone kept me rather busy... but that is besides the point).

I finally fell asleep around 10:30 but after stocking the USPS page I saw that my package had arrived in Anchorage and was being sorted and I couldn't help but be excited that they might deliver it today.
Then it happend.... I heard the dog go crazy and I heard someone walk up the steps, set something down and drive off.
I laid in bed thinking "no, you are not allowed to go get the package. Go back to sleep and get it later" but the temptation killed me. I jumped out of bed (quietly jumped so Levi would stay asleep) and ran up the stairs. I opened the door and there it was.
It was just sitting there calling my name. That beautiful package from PaxBaby just needed to be opened.
And I opened it. And there sat the beautiful new White Leaves Beco.


(those are a few of the sounds I made while jumping around my living room).

Now you may be wondering "hmm... I think AlisaMarie already has a Beco. I swear I have seen her in the Scooters Beco before... I am sure of it."

Yes, I do have a Beco. Yes, it is a Scooters Beco. And yes, this is the same exact style as my new Beco.

But I CAN justify having two. I swear I can. And I will.

The Scooters Beco is rad (yeah, I said it... rad) and super fun and bright. But if you haven't noticed, it is orange and turquoise. And I'm not sure if you know this but orange and turquoise don't exactly match everything.

And this is where the new White Leaves Beco comes into play. It is lovely and black and just a splash of beautiful colors on leaves on the panel. And It will definitely match a little more.

Also, Becos get dirty. Sometimes I spill something on it (since I wear it all the time) or Levi will leak or he will spit up or drool on it. Yes, Scooters has been through quite a bit. And poor Scooters needs to be washed but I cant bare to part with it (even for a day) because I wear it all the time.

This is when Beco White Leaves comes into play. If Scooters is dirty, I can wash it and wear White Leaves. If White Leaves is dirty, I can wash it and wear Scooters.


And last but not least, I can't wear the same thing every single day. I mean come on. People at Fred Meyer are starting to know me as the Scooters girl. I go in there and see the same people and they probably think I'm crazy since I am wearing the same thing every time. I have to switch it up. Surprise them. Make them wonder what Ill wear next....
and that is where White Leaves comes into play.

So my dear friends, I have given three very important, valid reasons that I should own two Becos that are the exact same style...

Did I convince you?

Okay Okay Okay.
Hi, I am AlisaMarie


I am a Beco Addict.


  1. I'll admit it too! I'm Jillian, and I'm a Beco addict also!

  2. Hey there, just stopping by from Babycenter. I love my beco too! Also purchased from PAxbaby :) Hey Jillian!!

    Anyway, I am SO jealous of your white leaves. I've been oogling it since it was added to the site!

  3. It's so easy to become a Beco addict!