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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Benefits of BabyWearing

I am a babywearing addict. There, I admit it.
Some girls like shoes, purses and clothes.
I like baby carriers.

Other than all the benefits that come from babywearing, there is the obvious- it looks awesome. But I'm not that vain. There are so many great things that babywearing brings.

Babies who are worn:

Cry less-
It has been proven that babies who are worn cry less and are more content. Research has shown that babies who are carried cry 43% less overall and 54% less during the evening hours.
Learn more-
When you are wearing your baby and doing things they are constantly learning about their surroundings
Get "humanized" earlier-
A baby who is being worn is doing, seeing and hearing what their mother (or whoever is carrying them) is doing and seeing and hearing.
Are more organized-
After spending 9 months in a comfortable womb, a baby comes into a world that is unknown and its a bit chaotic. If you continue carrying them close you are creating the womb experience which is a lot more calm and organized.
Are smarter-
"Environmental experiences stimulate nerves to branch out and connect with other nerves, which held the brain grow and develop." Your baby immediately becomes involved with everything you are doing. How could your baby not be smart?

BabyWearing is good for you too

Is it just me or is my baby the only one who gets fussy and restless around dinner time? This was always a problem in the beginning. I would be determined to make a nice dinner before Steve came home... but it always seemed impossible. And then, I started wearing Levi. Now I love making dinner because I can spend time with Levi and calm him down at the same time. Sometimes he will even nap. So there I am, making dinner and being a good wife AND holding and comforting my son at the same time. Dinner time used to be a dread, but now I enjoy it.
Other than making dinner, I can also clean the house, dance around (which I do quite often) and I have been able to do things I love such as sewing and crafts. I have been so productive since I have started wearing Levi.

Breastfeeding becomes a breeze

Breastfeeding is a big part of taking care of a baby, especially a newborn. I spent so much time nursing Levi and much of that time he was in his carrier. Breastfeeding and sitting for hours and hours and hours can get quite boring. Then I started wearing him and I was able to actually do stuff, while being discreet and keeping him happy.
I remember we went on a short camping trip when Levi was two months old. He was in the stretchy wrap I had made 99% of the time. It was wonderful. I had fun being outside and being near the bonfire while Levi had fun sleeping and nursing right up against me. He was safe and he was happy. Nobody even knew he was nursing. It was wonderful.

Spending time with the other kids

Levi is my first but I do watch my little brother (almost 4) and I babysit a 1 year old. It is wonderful to be able to care for my son and do stuff with the other kids. And I am really looking forward to having more kids because I know I can wear my babies and still spend time with the older kids. Im also excited to have more kids because then my husband and I can both babywear (sometimes we fight about who gets to wear Levi).

What a work out

Not only do I feel accomplished when I can cook and clean with Levi on the back but I also feel like I got a work out. And sometimes Ill turn up the music, cook, clean and do a little dancing in between. Levi loves it.

Its so easy on the go

Have you ever used a stroller? By the time I get it out of the car and set up, Im exhausted. Its so big and bulky and so much work. Don't get me wrong, I have used it from time to time but now that I am so comfortable with babywearing, I don't think Ill ever use it again. Its way too much work. And then when Im shopping, I cant even look at what I want to look at because its too wide and doesn't fit through the little isles. And then, if thats not enough to change my mind, every time I stop moving the stroller Levi yells at me to keep moving. This makes for a very unhappy mom and a stressful trip.

So if this isn't enough to convince you that babywearing is the greatest thing on earth then maybe all the cute pictures Ill be posting soon will be enough to change your mind.

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  1. Great Babywearing Mamas think alike!