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Friday, January 15, 2010

Crotch Danglers and Front Facing

Baby Bjorn

Im sure you have heard this term used for the Baby Bjorn. I know that some moms have gotten very defensive about this and insist it if an amazing carrier and it allows baby to face out so they prefer it.
Before you purchase a Bjorn, please do your research. I think it is pretty obvious when you look at it that it cannot be beneficial to a baby but if you don't agree, just do some research.
The Bjorn doesn't distribute the weight of you baby very well. Instead, the baby is held by the crotch.

Here, see for yourself :

Becos (and other SSCs that I have talked about) distribute your babies weight more on your hips than the Bjorn. As you can see, the Bjorn rests more on your shoulders.
Also, as you can see the Beco holds your baby more like you would hold her if you were just holding her. Her legs are more apart and the carrier holds her in more of a sitting position. The Bjorn just holds her by the crotch which cannot be too comfortable.

Here are some great websites with more info:

Front Facing

This is a very poplar debate. I know that sometimes babies want to be be facing out because they want to see more. Levi went through a phase like that too. However, as we have seen in the Bjorn pictures, it just doesn't look very safe or comfortable. Other SSCs do not have the forward facing option (however, Beco is putting out a carrier soon that allows front facing and it has been a bit controversial).
The reason front facing is not recommended is because it can be too much stimuli for your babies little eyes. What I have found is that most babies do go through a faze where they always want to be facing out but that passes and they become content with facing in (or on your back). So if you are one of those moms with a baby who prefers front facing, hang in there. It gets better! Please, do not buy a crotch danger.


  1. "Please, do not buy a crotch danger." -- Amen! I couldn't have said it any better ;)

  2. Love it! Thank you so much for spreading the word about the dangers of crotch-dangling!

  3. Front facing is also really poor for their back development.