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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sons & Daughters

A few months before I delivered Levi, I took up sewing again. I started making onesies and blankets and bibs and burp cloths. I got lots of compliments on my stuff and people started encouraging me to sell them. We had such a hard time finding baby stuff that was our style so instead of searching and paying a fortune... I made exactly what we wanted.

It has been a slow start and it has been a lot of trial and error but now I think its really going somewhere. I got an etsy account a while back and sold a blanket within the first 12 hours. I was pumped and very confident and then... I didnt sell anything else (other than to people I knew).

During our move, I took a little break and have been making new designs. I got asked to join a group of work at home moms on Hyena Cart called The WAHMbulance so this February 1 I will be doing my first stocking and I am very very excited. We stock our items (up to 10) two times a month (the 1st and 15th). While I get this up and running, I am taking a small break from etsy but soon I will be putting my stuff back up.

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