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Sunday, February 20, 2011

DIY Bird Mobile

So, in addition to my leaf mobiles above the dresser, I wanted to add something above Levis bed. After all, every nursery just needs something over the bed.... right?
Am I even allowed to call his room a nursery.... what is the word for a toddler room? hmmm

Anyways I made this little mobile to hang above his bed

It was actually pretty easy. I traced some silhouettes that I wanted to use on fabric, cut them out, sewed along the lines and turned them inside out and stuffed them. I will say though, on a few, I didnt turn them rightside out. It was hard to get all the details and I kind of liked the look of the unfinished edge.
Then, I used a hot glue gun to attach the string. I could have sewn it but didnt think about that till after. I added a little flower to hide all the glue.
Then I attached the string to the "wreath". I bought this at Jo Annes for under $4. I then tied for strings to the stop and attached them to a hook that we placed in the ceiling.

Pretty simple

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