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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A New Year

So its already February (valentines day, to be exact) and we have had a pretty great start off to the year. I feel like Im busy and going non stop but then when people ask what Im up to, Im at a loss for words..... So I suppose Ill try to summarize it (and make up some excuses as to why I havent been blogging).

Well, Steve and I started this year with a lot of goals and really focused on God and our future and what He has planned for us next. We began the Daniels Fast in January and although we completed the 21 day fast, we continued on because we didn't feel quite done yet. Now although we are still doing most of the fast, we went on a nice date and ate some sugar (still vegan) and also had a tiny treat today for Valentines.
Im not really sure when we'll feel like we're ready to be done. I think we might continue using the food list as a guide line but add some things back into our diet (mainly bread) but trying to keep some things to a minimum (sugar, processed foods). But one thing is for sure, we are definitely going to try to continue reading and praying daily like we are now. I am feel SO much better and I am seeing a big difference in Steve. Its so wonderful.

Also, Levi is HUGE and growing so fast and we have some big, exciting things coming up BUT I will share more in the next few posts. I am OCD and like to have separate posts for separate topics, so bare with me! I promise, it'll be worth it.

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