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Monday, September 20, 2010

Goodbye Gemini

Well, I did say goodbye to the beautiful, purplelicious Gemini. I wont lie, I loved the color and the Natalie print is much cuter in real life.
I just couldnt do it. I am way to disappointed in Beco right now. I am a huge Beco Butterfly II fan and probably always will be but I am so sad at the Gemini and how they are marketing in. We have been taught that forward facing is not good up until this point... and even in all the adds (when the baby is facing in) they use the narrow base so it looks just like the Bjorn... hmmmm.

So, although I love Beco and am still a BBII user... I had to say goodbye to Gemini.


  1. I was going to buy the Gemini because it is the only carrier tha faces forward and my son hates to face me. Does the Gemini still have them sitting in a better position than the Bjorn? I hava Bjorn and hate it!

  2. THe Gemini does have a waist band and Im sure its more comfortable than the Bjorn but I am really against the forward facing and I feel like they did this to compete with the Bjorn and get it on the shelfs.
    I understand your son likes facing out. Levi went through that phase and it was really difficult. However, I continued with facing in and he soon passed that phase and started to enjoy it.
    I would definitely recommend getting a carrier that can back carry because he might prefer that. And if you dont give him to forward facing option, he'll forget about it.
    I just feel like when you look at a forward facing, crotch dangling baby, it doesnt look very comfortable or safe for them. And not to mention the over stimuli isnt always good for them.
    I would definitely say the Gemini is a step up from the Bjorn and probably more comfortable. However, it is still very very narrow and considered a crotch dangler, in my opinion.